The new fashion Squishies and all the variety of we have for you

It is normal that you do not know a squishy or squishies, but is that apart from a name a little weird; Squishies comes from the English origin, which means “soft” or “crushed”. It is a type of doll which you can use to reduce stress, but also to play in a fun way for the shapes you have, and the imagination you can have with the Squishies.

Squishies fashion has come to stay

You will find in different ways, even squishy of food, because they usually go adorner of a smiley and very cookies or you will find some cheap squishies with some very rare but Mona grimace too.

Where to buy shiquisies

To buy do not go too far the truth, you can find it in any online store as in Amazon or aliexpress, but what if you have to notice is the information that has each of the vendors and that Squisies Amazon, for example has a wide range of These funny figures, and besides there are three types of squishy Amazon, small, medium and large.

What are the Squishiess made of and what is the Squishy price?

Each and every one of them are made of a type of sponge or foam rubbers, which makes them ideal to create the thousand and one ways that there may be in the market and so the Squishy price makes it so affordable. The best thing is that in most of the squishies have some smell similar to the image that are made for example the donnuts (eye, beware of eating them that if they are not made for consumption).

Get yours now

and is that now not only is a fashion, but it has also become collectible, and the best thing is that they are adorable and have a room with them, is the best way to replenish conventional teddies. Because there are cheap Squishies in Spain, and you can buy Squishies online. A mini bum to give to the little ones of the house and to the not so pequeñes.

Tell us which of all the shiquishies you liked more. And if you want to keep your food hot in these cold seasons take a look at the electric box we have in items offers.

The new fashion Squishies and all the variety of we have for you
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The new fashion Squishies and all the variety of we have for you
Come and know the fashion of the Squishies, we have a great variety so that you can choose from the most cute and cheap to the most complicated you can imagine. Do not miss it!
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